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About the Department

Sanskrit is the oldest and scientific language on our planet. Department of Sanskrit, Silda C.S College, Silda, has glorious history in its origin and gradual progress since 2008. The Department of Sanskrit started its journey with Bachelor of Arts Programme as General Course in 2008 and as Honours Course in 2009. At this time Sk. Sahagir Mallick was the only teacher in the department. Then  many  teachers served at  the department. In the beginning classes were started at the old building .After that a steady and gradual progress of the college was marked by the new construction of several classrooms, teacher waiting room, separate waiting room for male and female students, library reading rooms. Today the department has come a long way to have flourished into a spectacular department of the college, with a departmental Staff room, separate three class rooms. Here Students are only from local area. This Department also has been caring for the weaker and marginalized students of the society. Since its inception, the Department has remained engaged in popularizing the study of Sanskrit Language and Literature in the students and region. Presently there are more than two hundred students. To facilitate proper academic supports there are two (2) State aided college teacher and two(2) Visiting teacher as supporting stuff.

This department has produced a good number of brilliant and good characteristics students in the last twelve years who have excelled in many spheres of life such as education administration etc  By successfully competing in competitive examination arranged by Govt. and Non-Govt. organization e.g. S.S.C., C.S.C., P.S.C., etc.

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

Along with traditional chalk-and-talk method the department regularly practices the following methods to make the teaching learning more attractive. Those are:

• Special classes are regularly taken to address the problems of the weaker students.

• One-to-one contact method with students for problem solving and answer Correction.


  • It has good collection of books (near about 2000) in the Central Library.
  • The department regularly organizes seminars, spoken Sanskrit class, surveys and educational tours.
  • From the beginning the students of the department of Sanskrit has achieved top ranks in the University and the students have been placed in various universities and colleges.
  • Near about 75% students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies per year.
  • Class rooms with ICT facility: Centrally available.
  • Internet facilities for Staff & Students:  Internet is Wi-Fi enabled and students may use internet from their mobile or machine through Wi-Fi.
  • Good relation with students and faculty members.

Future plans:

• To arrange more seminar, workshop and special lecture for student progression.


  • The objective of our Department is to establish literary, cultural, moral and sacramental importance in the present social context and values.
  • To make the students fit for the modern society.
  • To achieve much better results from students.



Sri Jayanta Mondal
Designation : SACT - I
Qualification : M.A., NET, SET
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Smt. Sangita Dey
Designation : SACT - I
Qualification : M.A., NET
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