Silda Chandrasekhar College

Silda Chandrasekhar College


College Hostels

At present there are two boys’ hostels and one girl hostel for SC, ST students. All our hostel rooms have been provided with tube-lights and fans. Boarders must bring their own bedding and other articles of use which should be new as far as possible. Filtered Drinking Water is available in all the hostels. A new 100 seated boys’ hostel is being constructed for SC/ST students with modern amenities.
Boys’ Hostel: Unit-I: Sri Shaktipada Shit
Unit-II: Sri Joydeb Nayek
Girls’ Hostel: Smt. Monika Majumder

Rules and Regulations for Hostel Residents

  • Students are expected to act in such a manner that an atmosphere conducive to effective study prevails in the hostel.
  • Political activities in any form are strictly prohibited within the hostel compound.
  • The hostel Superintendents has full authority to check any room in the hostel at any time with or without the help from local administration.
  • Ragging is a cognizable offence, punishable under the law and is strictly banned. Any student involved in any kind of ragging will be liable for immediate expulsion from the hostel/college.
  • The boarders must be very particular about payment of hostel dues.
  • The boarders must have to pay at least 30 meal charges every month.
  • The boarders must have to deposit Rs. 250/- as messing charge within the first week of every month.
  • The boarders must attend the college classes. Failing to attend at least 90% classes will be debarred from the hostel. Boarders who stay in the hostel but deliberately do not attend classes will be strictly dealt with.
  • Possession of fire arms, daggers, cycle chains, rods, iron rods or any other kind of weapons are strictly prohibited (Arms Acts.). Hostel inmates found in possession of the above will be handed over to the police or expelled from hostel immediately. No inquiry into the matter shall be required.
  • No one is allowed to take part in any type of video film show in the hostel premises.
  • Unauthorized guests or outsiders in the hostel room are strictly prohibited. Any student keeping unauthorized person in his/her room will be liable to disciplinary action amounting to expulsion from the hostel. Outsiders are not allowed to stay at hostels.
  • No student shall occupy or interchange the room without permission and proper allotment of the room by hostel Superintendents.
  • Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants, drugs or smoking are strictly prohibited. Anyone found consuming alcohol or drugs will be expelled from the hostel immediately. No enquiry into the matter shall be required.
  • Cooking food in the hostel room is strictly prohibited. In order to avoid fire hazards, no fire producing equipment in the room is permitted.
  • Hostellers are warned not to keep valuable goods in their rooms. Hostel management shall not be responsible for loss of such valuables.
  • Students shall have to abide by the decisions of the hostel Superintendents/Principal with respect to enforcement of the hostel rules failing which strict disciplinary action may be taken.
  • While leaving the rooms, it must be ensured that the light and fans are switched off failing which he/she will be liable to imposition of fines.
  • Use of electrical appliances such as heaters, electrical irons etc. are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to strict disciplinary action. Confiscation along with a fine of Rs. 500/- shall be imposed.
  • Tampering with and alteration of electrical fittings are strictly prohibited and liable for action.
  • Hostellers desiring to go out of station must obtain permission from the Superintendents concerned before going out.
  • Damage to hostel property such as doors, windows, electrical fitting, toilet fitting etc. will lead to fine, disciplinary action, expulsion from the hostel.
  • No student is allowed to stay in the hostel during the recess or vacations.
  • The boarders must keep their rooms neat and clean.
  • Each boarder should check the fittings in his room at the time of occupation and takeover of the fittings and furniture in writing which are returnable on vacation of the room. Any loss or damage will be borne by the concerned boarder or boarders.
  • Private picnics/cooking are prohibited in the room.
  • No boarders will be allowed to remain outside the hostel after 7.00 P.M. during March to September and 5.30PM during October to February.
  • Female visitors are not permitted at any time into the Hostels for boys and Male visitors are not allowed at any time into the Girls’ Hostels.
  • Boarders will not leave the hostels according to their whims.
  • College will not be responsible for acts of student which lead to the disturbance of public peace and tranquillity or cases of Law and Order in which they are knowingly or unknowingly involved in or outside the College premises.
  • Boarders shall treat their fellow boarders, institute staff, hostel staff, mess staff with dignity and decorum.
  • No student or students shall raise or assist others to raise any subscription in the Hostel on any account without prior permission of the authorities.
  • No one should use the belongings of other students without their consent.
  • Each student must carry identity card whenever he/she goes outside the hostel and produce on demand from institute/Hostel authorities otherwise a fine or disciplinary actions might be taken.
  • Boarders are not to patronize food/soft drinks/snacks from unhygienic shops and road-side vendors to avoid infection to themselves and spreading amongst fellow boarders.
  • All visitors to the hostel including the parents/guardian will have to make necessary entries in the visitors’ book available at the hostel.
  • No function or celebration shall be organized at hostel premises except with the permission of the Superintendents/Principal/TIC.
  • Students suffering from contagious disease will not be allowed to stay at hostel. Decision of the Superintendents/Principal in this regard will be final and binding.
  • Any complain from the neighbours/society will result in strict action.
  • Playing music/record player etc. loud enough to cause disturbance to his/her neighbour(s) is prohibited. Defaulters will be punished. Repeated acts will render cancellation of allotment of Hostel room.
  • Parents/Guardians must have to present at the time of admission into the hostel and sign in the declaration form.
  • The authority of the College reserves the right to modify any rule or rules from time to time.
  • Any problem of the boarders shall be reported the Superintendent & the Principal accordingly as the case may be.
  • Students are advised to follow all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.